Happy Monday Everyone!  I sincerely cannot think of a better way to usher in a new week than some pictures of an adorable baby…I mean really – who could be feeling the Monday blues with a brand new, straight from the factory, perfect tiny-person in front of them?  And this shoot was particularly special because we shot Mom & Dad’s wedding a few years ago!  Mom & Dad (as they will remain named for the rest of their lives) *USED* to have their own lives in which they were called Marrissa & Aaron Sanchez.  Ridiculously sweet people who hired us to shoot their wedding at the lovely Marquardt Ranch in Boerne, TX in 2014.  Now they’re all growed up and having babies and we couldn’t be happier to take pictures of the precious baby Moira at the studio!  

Welcome Baby Moira San Antonio Newborn Studio Photography

Marrissa & Aaron’s Wedding Day!

So Marrissa thought it would be cool, and we all agreed, if she brought her wedding gown, shoes, & accessories and used those as props for the session.  And it was cool, adorable, meaningful and a very precious perspective to welcome baby Moira.  So here are a few of our fav shots from the session – hope you love them!

*NOW* how’s your Monday??  Better right?  How could it not be – that little face and those toes are pure joy!  I mean – *YOU* don’t have to wake up at nights with her 🙂 You just get to see how cute she is!  It’s the best!

I’d like to thank Marrissa and Aaron (Mom & Dad) for bringing their lovely new daughter to the studio and let us work with her.  We are excited to be a part of ALL of the special moments in your family.  And thanks so much to *YOU* for checking out yet another blog post.  It’s an honor to have you here.  We’re available to help you with any event/photography needs you have.  If you want to set up a studio session – check THIS PAGE out that has session info on it.  And then CONTACT US.  Or, you could even leave a comment – we’ll get back to you right away…I promise.  Until next time gang ~

Cheers everyone…

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