Good Morning!  Hope this week wrapped itself up in a perfectly neat, orderly fashion to all of you who are working, planning weddings, going to school, raising families…’cause that’s how our weeks wrap up, right?  đŸ˜›  We’ve got a busy day here at M&M, one of our special bride & grooms is getting married (yay!) and we have studio sessions going on most of the day…so *OUR* week hasn’t quite wrapped up just yet.  Oh also, our second annual Evening With The Stars is tomorrow – which we are SUPER excited about!  

But, none of that matters now…because I have an extraordinary couple to introduce you to, and I have been meaning to share this session with you guys for a while…because it’s adorable (duh)…and, because Vanessa and Bentley are two of the most lovely people you could ever meet.  They just got married at the beautiful Za Za Gardens (I’ll post those after they’re through being edited…stay tuned!), but we’re gonna take you back to their engagement session a couple of months ago at The Historic Pearl District in San Antonio…look how happy they are!  Hope you love these pictures!!

These guys are so exceptionally cool…and here is something fun – Vanessa and Bentley have cascarĂ³n wars with each other…or rather, they sneak up on the other at random times and break one over their heads!  (For the uninitiated, HERE is what a cascarĂ³n is…for those San Antonians reading who needed to click that…shame on you. đŸ™‚ )  So, Vanessa calls me before the session and says she REALLY wants to end the session by breaking a cascarĂ³n on Bentley’s head…but she wants it to be a surprise and she wants us to capture his sincere reaction…so…

Perfect!  And he was a good sport too!  He joked, “Derek, I expect these kinds of shenanigans from Vanessa…but knowing that YOU were involved in this makes me very disappointed.” đŸ™‚ Haha.  Well, it made for some fun pictures anyway.

Thanks to the new bride & groom for letting us photograph and coordinate their Wedding and their Engagement Session!  And than *YOU* for checking out this blog.  I’m sure the bride & groom would love it if you would leave an encouraging comment.  Or, if you have questions, feel free to comment those as well and I promise we’ll get right back to you.  Until next time ~

Cheers everyone…

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