Hey Everyone!  What goes on in your world today?  I hope it’s good, happy, peaceful, etc, etc.  We have been going absolutely *CRAZY* over here, I’ll be updating the blog as often as I can to keep you in the loop with some of the fun events & sessions we’ve been having.  We’re really proud of all that is happening and all that our team is doing!

  And I’m SO happy to show off a few of the highlights from the Feb monthly mini sessions that happened at the M&M Studio!  We started the monthly-mini program about 5 months ago and we are super thrilled about how it has gone.  Haven’t heard about the mini-sessions?  Here’s the scoop : twice a month, we open the studio for 4 hours and book 15 minute sessions throughout that time.  Every month is a different theme, Feb was Valentines Day, March was Easter, April will be Fiesta and so on.  Each session fee is $55 and you will receive 5 edited images along with the session fee.  It’s been so fun!  It’s a wonderful (and inexpensive) way to capture the ever-changing lives of your kiddos.

  Anyways, here’s a few of the fun moments from the Valentines Day mini-sessions…hope you enjoy the images!! 🙂

They’re all so sweet, huh?  Thanks to all of the parents who joined in!  We were sincerely honored to serve you all – I hope you guys LOVE these images of your little ones!  

And thanks to YOU for checking out another blog post.  Thoughts…questions…leave a comment for us and I promise we’ll respond asap.  Want to take advantage of a monthly mini session?  Keep watching our Studio Events Calendar – we update it every time we schedule a new date.  You can be the first to sign up!  We’ll be waiting to hear from you!  Until next time ~

Cheers everyone…

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