Heya Gang…Happy Friday – cheers to the “freakin’ weekend” coming our way!! 🙂  Hope it’s awesome – and I *HOPE* we’ll see you tomorrow for our last day of Santa Sessions!  They have been wonderful and adorable…I’ll have some images to share with you soon!  But today, I’ve got some more wonderful and adorable images to share with you.  This is a special post for us because we photographed Jessica & Cameron’s wedding almost 5 years ago…then they moved out of San Antonio and our paths hadn’t crossed since.  That was, until a month(ish) ago, Jessi reached out to book a family session while she and her siblings were all visiting Mom & Dad for the holidays.  It was *SO* great to see them!  And Jessi & Cameron now have 2 beautiful children…oh my gosh, it was sincerely amazing to work with them again.

The session was a gift from Jessi & Cameron for her mom (Emily).  It’s not too often that the siblings can all travel in at the same time, so this was a special opportunity.  And they’re using the images for Christmas cards  (because who doesn’t love to show off their kids & grandkids!!)  

The client chose Denman Estate Park because they wanted a relaxed, outdoorsy backdrop…but not “country” 🙂  And Denman has some lovely areas to photograph that are certainly “outdoorsy” – the water, the paths, the tall trees, the open field…but I especially love how intimate the images can feel from this venue…like your family are the only people in the world.  So beautiful!

Anyways, enough from me…here is the wonderfully charming Unterberger family at Denman Estate – I hope you guys dig these images!

 San Antonio Family at Denman Estate Park Photography

San Antonio Family at Denman Estate Park Photography

Isn’t that a gorgeous family??  We couldn’t be more pleased and honored to have had the chance to work with these guys again.  I’d like to thank the Unterbergers for using Moments & Milestones again for their holiday family session.

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Cheers everyone…

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