Hello everyone!  This is a throwback to a party that we had the pleasure of photographing that I never got to post up on the blog.  But, we’re *SNEAKING* into the holiday season – so I figure…what the hell…I’ll sneak right in with it!  This party was last year…or the year before…(this is what happens when you get old, kids.)  But my friend Tina, who is the Events Director, at the fabulous Sheraton Gunter Hotel in the heart of downtown San Antonio hired us to shoot their annual Staff Christmas Party, held in their own ballroom.  

As I’m sure you’ll be able to tell by the pictures, they had a 1950’s themed Beebop…or Doowop, maybe? ( …idk which one it is, I’m not *THAT* old!)  Anyways, everyone dressed up like they were extras on the cast of Grease and came to party!  And we LOVE a good party!  The acohol flowed, the food was almost too beautiful to eat (Oh, we totally did anyway!), and the company was lively.  They handed out awards – some serious and some…maybe not so serious! 🙂  It was a wonderful party to be a part of.  So thanks Tina, for trusting Moments & Milestones for another of your events.  It’s an honor to serve you and an even greater honor to be your friend.  Cheers to next time we see each other!

Here are a few highlights from the Staff Christmas Party!

The Sheraton Gunter Staff Christmas Party Photography and Planning Downtown San Antonio

The Sheraton Gunter Staff Christmas Party Photography and Planning Downtown San Antonio

Fun, right?  We thought so!  Well thanks Tina and the whole events staff at The Gunter.  We loved being included in your celebrations.  And thanks to each of you for checking out our blog.  If you need info on our corporate services, check THIS OUT.  Or contact us HERE with thoughts or questions.  You could even leave your question in the comments of the blog – I promise, we’ll get right back to you.  Until next time ~

Cheers everyone…

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