Hey Folks!  Welcome to another episode of the HUB…this is episode 7.  I realize I skipped episode 6.  It’s because all of the podcast apps count my little, 3-minute “Intro to the HUB” episode as a full episode and it just makes sense to adjust.  Because THEY won’t change.  So, I’m changing.  Plus, it makes me feel like I’ve done more than I really have 🙂  Anyways, today’s episode was with Saul Leal with Vision Lounge Furniture.  He took a few minutes to stop by the M&M Studio and talk with us about the opening of his latest creation : V Bar Mixologist ~ a bartending service for parties and events.

I honestly didn’t know Saul well before this.  I run into him at events and open houses…and the guy is ALWAYS busting his ass working.  I mean…I work too.  But he is building and setting up furniture on the spot at events.  He’s sweating and running from one side of the event hall or hotel to another.  It’s hard to call what we do “work” when we’re next to him.  And, because he’s always juggling multiple things, I haven’t had the opportunity to connect and really get to know him.  We make idle chit-chat and passing jokes.  And I have always liked him and his sense of humor.  And I REALLY like his work ethic.  But I could never say that I know the guy.  I know OF him…and I know his reputation.  But, I am very pleased that this has changed.  I have now had the chance to talk with him and get a sense of his personality and character.  And I am even more pleased that after speaking with him, I realized that I liked him even more.

Saul is a very sweet and super-humble guy.  And I hope you enjoy his story.  I absolutely did.  

Saul from Vision Lounge Furniture and the new V BAR Mixologist is on the HUB Podcast today!Saul from Vision Lounge Furniture and the new V BAR Mixologist is on the HUB Podcast today!

In this Interview…Saul w/ Vision Lounge & V Bar Mixologist:

  1. Talks about his journey from Nuevo Laredo, Mexico to San Antonio, Texas
  2. Grew up in a family that owned their own business in Mexico
  3. Built his initial network by calling everyone in the industry he found in the yellow pages
  4. Tells about displaying at his first venue open house and having no idea he was allowed to sell
  5. Discusses how he knew it was time to leave his job to work for himself full time
  6. Built his business, mainly, through networking
  7. The challenges of dealing with clients who want free or discounted work

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How to find Saul, Vision Lounge and V Bar Mixologist ~

Vision Lounge

  Website : https://www.visionloungetx.com/

  Facebook :  https://www.facebook.com/visionloungetx/

  WeddingWire : https://www.weddingwire.com/biz/vision-lounge

Vision Lounge

  Website : https://www.vbarmixologist.com/

  Facebook :  https://www.facebook.com/VBarMixologist/

   Well there you have it folks.  Oh, and I want to clear up one more thing.  In the podcast I referenced a common metaphor on waiting until your own business is paying the bills until you leave the safety of your full time job.  It’s the picture of a sailor rowing to shore questioning when he is close enough to shore to jump OUT of the boat safely and make it to the shore without drowning. 

  The sailor, in this metaphor, is the entrepreneur and the boat symbolizes the safety of a full time job.  The shore represents safety AND freedom that a boat can’t offer.  The dangerous waters between the boat and the shore represent how close you can get your own business to paying all of your bills before you leave the safety of your full time job…the closer you get to the shore, the more likely the sailor will make it to land before he drowns.  

  …THAT is the metaphor.  I used this metaphor on the podcast with Saul and messed it up…my apologies.

  OK, enough confession time for me.  Thanks so much for visiting!  As always, if there is anything we here at Moments & Milestones can be doing for you, we want to hear from you : you can call ustext usemail us, or fill out our contact form online.  We want to be a resource to your event or to your company.  So please don’t hesitate to reach out.

  If there’s anything you’d like the podcast to address or anyone you’d like us to interview, leave a comment on this blog post or reach out using one of the above mentioned methods.  We are happy to tackle any issues that interest you!

  Thanks to Saul Leal at Vision Lounge / V Bar Mixologist for doing the podcast.  And a special thanks to Jason Scott and the Nicodemus Experiment for letting us use his music for the podcast…more about him and his music HERE.  And of course, thanks to *YOU* for checking out another episode of the HUB.  Until next time ~

Cheers everyone…

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