*For those of you who scan the blog and don’t read the whole post (you know who you are…) Our June Bridal Extravaganza show specials are at the bottom of this blog…Come see us and take advantage of it!*

Hey There!  In just a few short weeks (June 10th from 12:00-5:00), San Antonio’s largest Bridal Show, The Bridal Extravaganza, will be downtown at the Henry B Gonzalez Center.  Have you ever attended a bridal show before??  If you have – then you know…it’s either the best resource a couple can have for planning a wedding, or the most overwhelming, intimidating day ever!!  And for those of you who have never had the pleasure…then, take my word for it.  

  It is amazing! It’s huge!  There are multiple fashion shows!  There are over 200 of the most talented wedding vendors in San Antonio (seriously…200. HERE is the full list of vendors).  And they are all vying for your attention and affection.  Connecting with these people and tapping into their experience, talent and creativity would be an enormous resource for you and the wedding you’re planning.  But, how do you get the MOST out of a bridal show, and enjoy it at the same time??

San Antonio Bridal Extravaganza

Here are a few quick suggestions on how to make sure this is a fun and productive experience for you.

  • Do some quick research beforehand and know what booths you REALLY want to visit!
    • It’s nice to “window-shop”…but do you really want to spend time chatting up 200 different vendors?  I might suggest you have a few “gotta-visit” booths that you map out a plan to see first.  Then if you have extra time to browse – bonus for you!  (*ahem*…booth #405 is the Moments & Milestones booth…that should be one of your first stops…obvs)
  • Out of those booths you REALLY want to visit, see if they’re offering any day-of-show deals/specials that you might want to take advantage of
    • Many of the vendors will have a “show-special” that you can take advantage of if you sign a contract at the show.  It might be nice to see if anyone you are eyeing has any deals that you can budget for 🙂
  • Bring a Bag
    • You are going to get a TON of literature…which is awesome – it’s great to have to go through it all later.  But for now, bring a comfortable bag to fit it all in.
  • Create a custom wedding email address
    • You will be giving your email out to a lot of people that day.  And, a list of every bride who registers for the show will be sent out to all of the participating vendors.  You do not want your personal/work inbox to be inundated with a ton wedding emails…trust me.  So create a temporary email address that you can discard once wedding planning is over.  And you can check it when you are in “planning mode”.
  • Print labels with your contact info
    • Almost every vendor you meet will ask you for your contact information.  You are NOT obligated to give it to them unless you want them to contact you!  But, in case you do – take a page or two of printed labels with your : Names, Phone#, Email, Wedding Date, & Best times to contact you.  It will save you a TON of writing that day!
  • Bring an outgoing friend or family member
    • In a room full of wedding experts, it’s pretty easy to feel small and inexperienced.  It is really nice to have someone assertive who is totally looking out for your best interest while you maneuver your way through the crowds.
  • Be direct and honest with vendors
    • You are looking for someone who connects with your personality, your style, your vision, and your budget.  Don’t hesitate to ask direct questions of the vendors.  Be very honest about your budget and expectations.  And don’t feel obligated to spend time with vendors who you know aren’t a good fit.  Being indirect won’t help either you or them.
  • Go to learn
    • It would take you MONTHS to connect with all of the vendors that are all gathered up in one place.  Take advantage – ask questions, gather information, find personalities that you get along with!!
  • If you like a vendor, but you aren’t 100% sure you are ready to book, schedule a meeting with them later at their office
    • The show is busy, fast-paced, and ridiculously loud…not a great place to hold a consultation.  So, if you think you have a connection with a vendor, set a meeting for a day or two later.  You’ll feel much more informed and comfortable away from the “crazy” of the show.  And SOME (certainly not all) vendors might even extend their “show specials” if you book a consultation with them at the show.
  • Do your best to take the pressure off and enjoy this experience
    • It’s your wedding…try to soak in every moment of the planning experience!  There’s always something to stress about 😉  But try to create positive memories with every interaction you have that day!


I hope these couple of tips help you.  There is information on the date, time, & location for the show HERE. And, on the day of the show, if you need direction or advice, there are a TON of wonderfully sweet & hard working people with badges on that say “Wedding Guide” or “Bridal Extravaganza” – don’t hesitate to ask them the best way to take advantage of the show.  It is in ALL of our best interest that you are able to make the most of this day.

Have fun!!  PLEASE COME SEE US!!  We’re in booth# 405, right in front of the registration booths and we are SUPER excited to meet you!!


AAAAAAAaaaaand when do stop by, we’ll be offering these :

FANTASTIC show specials!!! 

(*insert applause*)

  • Photography –
    • 5 Hours of Wedding Day Photography Coverage (1 Photographer)
    • High Resolution Wedding Day Copyrights
    • Custom Photo Session (choose from : Engagement, Bridal or Boudoir)
    • Session Copyrights
      • Total Price :  $1,599
  • Coordinating –
    • Enjoy The Day” : 2-Week Coordinating Package  ~ Total Price :  $995
    • Time to Breathe” : 2-Month Coordinating Package  ~ Total Price :  $1,599

And our best deal of the show ~ this will ONLY be available on Sunday, June 10th between 12:00 – 5:00 ~

    • Above & Beyond” : Our most extensive package!  All-inclusive, full wedding planning servicesTotal Price :  $3,499


     Hold Your Date on Show Day for only $100! 

     And if you combine services – we’ll discount your package an additional $100!!!


If you have questions on any of this, CONTACT US at any time…or just leave us a comment at the bottom of the blog – we’ll get back to you right away.

OK, that about wraps it up.  Hope you got an idea or two from this blog post.  And we really hope to see you at the Bridal Extravaganza.  Until next time~

Cheers everyone…

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