Hey Everyone!  It’s mid-week…how’s everyone doing?  If it’s good, then soak it in and I hope the next couple of days are EVEN BETTER!  And if it’s not been such a great week for you, then you can have some peace of mind knowing that you are rounding the bend to the end of it.  And I sincerely hope next week is much better! 🙂  So…I just finished editing the latest podcast episode, which I am really excited about!  This episode is the with the owner of one of the largest Mobile DJ outfits here in San Antonio.  For over 30 years, Ron Peene has sat at the helm of Cutting Edge Entertainment.  3 decades, man.  That’s 30 years of following trends and keeping a light finger on the pulse of this industry to insure yearly growth.  30 years of new technical innovations, new marketing ideas and new ways to connect with a constantly changing clientele.  30 years of producing well-trained, high-quality DJ’s.  30 years of very happy brides & grooms. This is an impressive man, and I was honored that he gave me some of his time.

Normally I’d put together a “what to expect in this episode” for you here…but frankly, it feels reductive to write a quick summary of this podcast episode – Ron has an expansive library of stories, anecdotes and words of wisdom to pull from his years of experience.  And he generously shared his story of the rise and the maintaining of Cutting Edge Entertainment through his tenure.  And he gave wonderful insight and advice throughout the podcast.  But my absolute favorite thing about this interview was NOT a story or a word of wisdom…but it was something I just felt from talking to him.  And it’s that he still seems so excited and enamored with the subject of his business.  After 30 years of climbing uphill, as all of us small business people do, he still communicates so very passionately about how to be the best DJ…about his business strategies…and about where his company is going next. 

His communication style is a blend of military precision and creative passion.  He’s the first DJ I’ve interviewed and it’s SUCH a difference from interviewing other artists who are NOT used to being in the spotlight and communicating for a living.  He glided through the questions with his silky-smooth voice offering answers that were so spot-on, they almost felt rehearsed…he’s gooood!  So, you guys enjoy this one…it’s a treat.  I hope you learn a lot and are inspired even more.  

Ron Peene with Cutting Edge Entertainment DJ Services

In this Interview…Ron Peene w/ Cutting Edge Entertainment Mobile DJ Services :

  1. Shares his struggle to find hard workers with integrity that he can train and introduce on to his team.
  2. Knew he wanted to be a DJ when he was 19 years old.
  3. On his experience in radio, and how it shaped him to handle this company.
  4. Worked for Cutting Edge Entertainment before he bought it and built it to new heights
  5. And why he chose to employ a team of DJ’s instead of being the talent himself
  6. Advises – in order to sell, you have to *KNOW* that what you are offering is the best choice for the client.
  7. Wants you to get to know your craft so well, that you can handle and answer client questions before they even ask them!
  8. Why it’s so important to find the right DJ for your event.
  9. Discusses several ways he set up Cutting Edge to be more competitive than “Joe Schmoe DJ” and a better option for brides.
  10. How he would guide someone to finding the best DJ.

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Or…listen to the whole interview right here! 

How to find Ron and Cutting Edge Entertainment ~

 Website : https://www.cuttingedgeentertainment.com/

 Wedding Wire :  https://www.weddingwire.com/cutting-edge-entertainment

 Yelp : https://www.yelp.com/cutting-edge-entertainment

 The Knot : https://www.theknot.com/cutting-edge-entertainment

 Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/CuttingEdgeSA/

 Pinterest : https://www.pinterest.com/cuttingedgesa/

 Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/cuttingedgeentertainment/

   And that, ladies and gents, should give you PLENTY of ways to dig into Ron and his company – Cutting Edge Entertainment.  Give this episode a listen, and I truly hope you love it and learn from it.  

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  Thanks to Ron Peene at Cutting Edge Entertainment Mobile DJ Services for doing the podcast.  And a special thanks to Jason Scott and the Nicodemus Experiment for letting us use his music for the podcast…more about him and his music HERE.  And of course, thanks to *YOU* for checking out another episode of the HUB.  Until next time ~

Cheers everyone…

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