Heya Gang!  How’s everybody today??  I’m pretty late in sharing this lovely session (holy crap, how did it get to be AUGUST already?!?!?)  But, maybe I can get away with better late than never?  Because this was one of my favorite senior sessions we got to shoot for the 2018 grads.  Miss Rayanne’s 2018 Senior Session was a freaking blast!  She comes across as a quiet, unassuming young lady…in fact, my initial impression of her was that she was a shy, with a little free-spirited personality she’s working on embracing.  And while those things may be true, when she smiles in front of the camera, she turns on a persona that lit up the park we were shooting at!  With some light-handed direction from us, she was the easiest person to photograph ever – working the camera, and making us fall in love with her smile.

We shot this 2018 senior session ~

…at the denman estate park – a lovely city owned park with so many fun and versatile backdrops.  And we used the mansion that sits on the property, with pillars that feel very formal/collegiate, to photograph her cap and gown pics.  Here are just a few of our favorite moments from this session – I hope you like them!


Rayanne's 2018 Senior Session

Rayanne's 2018 Senior Session

Eh?  What do you think?  She’s very poised for someone so young.  That takes a confidence that not everyone possesses at that age (or sometimes, at ANY age!)  So we wish her much success on her next adventure after graduation…and thanks for letting us be a small part of the end of this season.  We are honored to get to know you and thanks for sharing your good energy with us.

If you’re interested in our Senior Session Services ~

…click HERE.  Or, you can go to our CONTACT PAGE where we give you the option to call, text, IM or email us…we’re ridiculously easy to get a hold of! 🙂  So take advantage!

Thanks for checking out this blog post.  We’re happy you visited us.  Until next time ~

Cheers everyone…

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