Hello Everyone!  How’s your week coming together?  It’s Thursday here, which means we’re wrapping up all of the to-do’s for this weekend’s events, prepping the studio for weekend sessions…it’s basically the calm before the storm 🙂  Honestly, we love a good storm here – and it comes every single weekend.  We have the benefit of being absolutely in love with what we do, mixed with the experience to know we can do it well.  And that’s a good feeling.  I really hope you are in a good place rounding the corner to this weekend too!

I’ve got a very special family to introduce you to today.  This is the Click family.  And for Grandma & Grandpa’s anniversary present, they were gifted a photography session with their daughter, son-in-law and grandkids (and…grand-dogs?)  They were absolutely a blast to work with.  Seriously, look at those kid’s faces – who wouldn’t fall in love with them! 🙂  We shot the session in Gruene because of the open, rustic atmosphere.  Here’s a little sneak peek from the session.  
Hope you guys dig the pictures!

Play Time With the Click Family Photography in Gruene, Texas

Play Time With the Click Family Photography in Gruene, Texas

Oh my gosh…looking at this pictures reminds me of how cute these kids were to work with.  But the thing is…and we don’t really have a “posy” style of photography, but when you have a big group to get into the frame – you gotta work with their poses a little bit.  And let me tell you – no matter how cute the kids are…MAN, they don’t want to sit still for anything! 🙂 Hahaha!  But everyone had a great time, and we are so, so thankful to the Click family for choosing Moments & Milestones as their family photographer.  Can’t wait to see you again soon!

Well…thanks for checking out another blog post.  Have any thoughts or questions for us?  Feel free to browse through the FAMILY section on our website – it gives lots of info. Or leave your questions in the comments section here on the blog – I promise, we’ll get right back to you.  Until next time ~

Cheers everyone…

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