Hey Folks!  Happy Monday to each of you…I know everyone jokes about dreading the beginning of the week, but we are SUPER excited to get back into work-mode and get our hands on upcoming events 🙂  I suppose that it helps that we don’t really *stop* working on weekends since that’s when a lot of our events take place…so maybe it’s just delirium, lol  But we get a lot of our team planning done at the beginning of the week and we sincerely look forward to that.  Anyways, I wish *YOU* a happy, peaceful and productive Monday as well.

OK, the scoop today is Aimee (my dear & lovely wife…who is the true heart and brains of our little company) and I went to an Event Planner’s Luncheon hosted by the staff at Hotel Valencia.  Steph Olivares, the Social Catering Manager at the hotel has been a friend of ours for a long time so it was great to catch up with her and tour the newly renovated event spaces.  This was no small make-over…this was a $10 million dollar upgrade for guests, weddings, quinceaneras and corporate clients to enjoy their San Antonio Riverwalk event in style and high-class.  A recent MySanAntonio.com article has some wonderful details and quotes from the hotel manager.  Now…please understand that this is a hotel and event space that was already rated the number 1 hotel in San Antonio (and number 2 in all of Texas) in 2015 by Condé Nast Traveler magazine’s Readers’ Choice Awards. (More than 128,000 travelers took part in the 28th annual Readers’ Choice Awards survey.)  This upgrade shows the dedication that the hotel ownership & management has for the quality experience for their guests and clients.

Here’s a few pics (these aren’t our images…they were kindly provided by the hotel so we could show off the space a bit 🙂 )  that I think gives you an idea of what to expect :

  I’d like to reiterate that these are not Moments & Milestones images…the wedding photos are from our friend Kurtis Kronk, and the architecture/room photos are from Jerry Hayes Photography…they made that space look goooood!!  

  What Aimee and I observed, from having worked this space before the upgrades, was that (one of) the biggest changes was how light, open and airy the space felt.  Before, it was darker and moody.  But the lighting here feels freaking fantastic and inspiring!  

  One other thing that was mentioned is the hotel is available for (and will be aggressive price-wise) hotel blocks – even if you aren’t holding your event at their hotel!  If you have dealt with juggling hotels and trying to get decent service to secure a hotel block then you know, it’s very tough!  But Valencia handles this as easy-to-follow process and is willing to be flexible to earn your business.

  Also to consider, this would be a lovely option for a rehearsal dinner.  We met the chef at the hotel…he is trying (and succeeding) to accomplish a high-end family style menu.  

  I mean, seriously…please, please check out the Hotel Valencia as an option for your private or corporate event.  The entire staff was amazing and very attentive!

  OK, obviously I was impressed…but you’ve heard enough from me so I’ll shut-up now 🙂  Go check it out for yourself!  Their website is HERE.  And you can reach Steph at phone# 210-220-3004 or her email is solivares@valenciagroup.com.  I promise, she’ll take wonderful care of you!

  OK everyone…thanks so much for checking out this blog post.  I hope it was helpful.  Need any info on Moments & Milestones or our services?  If we can help you in *ANY* way, HERE is all of our contact info.  Or, feel free to comment on the blog and we’ll get back to you immediately.  Until next time ~

Cheers everyone…

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