Good Evening Blog Reader…how’s life in your lane?  I hope it’s good, playing nice and treating you well.  Life is moving fast over here – we’re finishing out any final editing on December events, set-up & holding appointments for upcoming 2018 events, and getting ready for the Bridal Extravaganza in a couple of week!  It’s a fast lane for us…but a good one.  Everyone is healthy, happy and moving as quickly as we can to stay on top of it all! 🙂  And one of the events we had the absolute PLEASURE to work on at the end of last year was with Gloria Berumen (grandma), Venita Garcia-Schultz (mom) and the birthday girl herself, Mia for her quinceanera.

  The party was held at Gardens at Old Town Helotes which…can I just take a second to say how much I love that place?  From weddings, corporate events, quinceaneras…their venue is appropriate and beautiful.  And their secret weapon – Vicki Perkins – who manages the venue (her father owns it) – is as sweet and genuine as she is efficient.  I LOVE when we book events at this venue.  Anyways, back to Mia…well, how about I just let you look through some of our favorite moments from the night?  It was wonderful!  They family was happy and ready to celebrate!  The food was perfect – we were so thankful to have had the chance to serve this sweet family.  Hope you love these images 🙂

San Antonio Gardens at Old Town Helotes Quinceanera Celebration Photography and Party Planning

San Antonio Gardens at Old Town Helotes Quinceanera Celebration Photography and Party Planning

Well Happy Birthday Mia – I sincerely hope you enjoyed this night 🙂 You are certainly loved by so many people there.  You have an incredible support from your family – we were overwhelmed by how kind and gracious everyone was.  Thanks so very much for choosing Moments & Milestones to celebrate with you!

And thanks to *YOU* for checking out our blog!  I hope you found some good information…or at least a bunch of pretty pictures 🙂  If you have questions about a quinceanera or another teen event, please check THIS PAGE out…or, just leave us a comment on this blog.  I promise, we’ll get right back to you.  Until next time ~

Cheers everyone…

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