Hello, Hello…Hello.  How goes life today for you?  I sincerely hope you are doing well and stress free.  If you are planning a wedding, then I wish this double for you! 🙂

  So, it’s always a such pleasure sharing a proposal.  Because, as much as I love our grooms, they are not *TRADITIONALLY* the ones who are doing much of the planning, right?  (Cheers to our grooms who are planning weddings though!) So, I think it’s really cool when they step up and plan out what they hope will be the perfect proposal.  And, of course…what the hell does the “Perfect Proposal” really mean?  Is there a perfect proposal??  Because that means something different to everyone!  To our introverts out there (holla!) – proposing alone by a fire or on an intimate date or something – maybe that is perfect.  Or, maybe you LOVE being the center of attention and you want family, friends and onlookers to all be a part of this experience with you!  Or maybe you’ve always envisioned being proposed to on the beach, or on a cruise, or on a plane, or on a train, or in the rain…anyways, all I’m saying is it’s a big moment with a lot of pressure to get just right (kinda like a wedding, right??)  So, it’s great that the grooms get the chance to kick-off the party with a little event planning of their own, and I love it when it’s obvious that they’re in-tune and trying hard to make it the “Perfect Proposal”, whatever that elusive concept may be…that’s all I’m saying.  

  OK, speaking of grooms who did it right…I’d love to introduce you to David Strevel.  He and his lovely girlfriend Ashley had planned a trip to San Antonio…and he thought it would be a wonderful idea to use this trip as his time for the “Perfect Proposal”.  And perfect it was…at least it was for Ashley – who very enthusiastically said “YES”!  So here they are, Mr and Mrs soon to be Strevel as they begin their wedding planning journey together.  Hope you love these images!

Aren’t they adorable?  Well congrats you two crazy-lovebirds!  We wish you smooth sailing during wedding planning…and many years of peace and happiness after the wedding.  Thanks for including us in your story!

And thank *YOU* for checking out another blog post!  If you have any thoughts or questions for us, please leave them in the comments, we’ll get right back to you – I promise!  Until next time ~

Cheers everyone…

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