Heya Gang…first off, I’d like to up-front apologize for being out of commission for the last few weeks with the blog.  But, I have NOT been idle.  I’ve updated EVERY #$%$##$%$ page on our website.  (*ahem*…pardon my language.)  But, I hope it’s informative and easy to maneuver around.  And, I’m really excited because we launched a Podcast for people planning an event or booking/designing a photo-session.  It’s called “the HUB” and you can check it out HERE!  But much more importantly, we have been planning and shooting events and sessions consistently, and I’ve got some catching up to do so I can share them with you!  First up, the Lopez Family Session.  Stacia and Rhyan were wedding clients a few years ago…now they’re having babies, graduating from college, and LIVING LIFE!

So we took the lovely family down and played around at The Pearl…which, you already know is one of our favorite places to be!  And, between the general ambiance, their two super-cute kiddos, and Mom & Dad willing to do pretty much anything for the shot – we had a blast!  I’ve got a couple of our favorite shots queued up so you can sneak a peek 🙂  Hope you love these –

The Lopez Family  ~

Stacia & Ryhan Lopez Family Session at The Pearl Downtown San Antonio

Stacia & Ryhan Lopez Family Session at The Pearl Downtown San Antonio

Aren’t they the freakin’ cutest?  We are so thankful and honored when we get to work with families…especially when we got to be a part of the wedding! 🙂  So thanks to Stacia & Rhyan for visiting us for a little more play time in front of the camera.  I hope this is just one of many more times!  

And thanks to *YOU* for taking the time to look through another blog post.  If you need more info on our family photography, on-location or our Studio, please visit THIS PAGE.  It should, hopefully, give you all the info you need.  But, if you find yourself having more questions, or you’d like to book a session, you can contact us HERE, or you can click the “Chat with us” button at the bottom-right of your screen and IM with us directly…trust me, we’d love to hear from you!  And, as always, I’d like to invite you guys to leave the Lopez family an encouraging comment on the blog – everyone loves to hear how great they look 🙂  Until next time ~

Cheers everyone…

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