(*Note to self : this greeting doesn’t work unless you’re Robin Williams…and also you’re in Vietnam.)  

I mean, hello everyone!  I’m so, so very glad you’re here on our blog.  All of us at Moments & Milestones (and I know you primarily hear from me…but this comes from my wife Aimee as well as the rest of our team of photographers and coordinators), we REALLY want to be a resource to you guys.  So, if you have questions on event planning, if you need ideas for photography sessions (studio photography, senior photography, events, etc), we want to be here for you.  Whether you are our client or not, whether you are another events professional – we’re here for you.  So, contact us, send us emails, leave comments on the blogs and I promise we’ll get back to you!

Today, I have a few pretty pictures from a wedding we had the PLEASURE of working on with the wonderful folks at La Cantera Resort & Spa

We have never had a “less-than-stunning” La Cantera Wedding. 

They do a killer job over there.  They have a young, new events director who came from Austin with great experience and fresh ideas named Henry Uribe.  And he is a pleasure to work with.  You can reach him or his team at : (210) 558-2236.  And Brittney & Matt’s wedding was gorgeous and flawless.

Brittney & Matt had their wedding ceremony in Hawaii.  It looked so beautiful (we weren’t a part of the celebration, but we saw the pictures 🙂 )  And since their extended family couldn’t all make it to Hawaii, they had a wedding reception for friends and family here in San Antonio.  Here are a few of our favorite moments from this La Cantera Wedding Day ~

Brittney & Matt's Magical La Cantera Wedding San Antonio Wedding Photography and Event Planning

Brittney & Matt's Magical La Cantera Wedding San Antonio Wedding Photography and Event Planning

Didn’t this night turn out just perfectly?  We certainly thought so…and, more importantly, so did Brittney & Matt!  So from all of us here at Moments & Milestones – congrats you two love birds!  Thanks for including us 🙂

And thank *YOU* for taking the time out to check out this blog post…if we can be of service to you in any way – let us know!  Until next time ~

Cheers everyone…

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