Heya Gang…welcome to our blog.  Hope you are finding a TON of great stuff – resources, pretty pictures, referrals, location ideas…we’ve got lots of helpful info in our blog if you read through it.  And, if you don’t care to read through it, call me (210-973-6640), EMAIL ME or hit me up on the chat application at the bottom-right hand of your screen and I’ll give you all the info without making you search through my blog-blabbing! 🙂  

Speaking of blog-blabbing (#worsttransitionever)…I have some gorgeous images to share with you today!  Kelly & Yale are pregnant!!  And we got have some beautiful images for you to sneak a peek at.  And these are extra special (idk, I feel like I say that a lot because ALL of our clients are special…but, we got to be a part of Kelly & Yale’s wedding, multiple family photo sessions…these guys are important to us! 🙂 )  Anyways, not only do they both look like models, but they are the sweetest people ever!  AND THEY BROUGHT THEIR DOGS!!  AAAAH!  Dogs are the best.  Every photo session should incorporate dogs somehow!  

Anyways, enough of my blog-blabbing (I’m just gonna keep rolling with it!), I am very excited to show you some of our fav pics from this maternity session – I hope you think they’re are beautiful as we do!

Aren’t they wonderful?  I think they’re the greatest – it’s such an amazing season!  So much exciting change is *about* to happen!  Anyways – I really hope you enjoyed the images.  Thanks a ton for checking out yet another blog post!  If you need info on our maternity sessions click HERE.  

A HUGE thanks to Kelly & Yale for allowing us to be a part of these special moments in their lives…we consider it a sincere pleasure to share a small part of this experience with you guys!  Until next time ~

Cheers everyone…

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