Hey Everyone…I’m excited to share this with you.  For those of you who follow this blog, you guys will be the very first to hear that I started a Podcast.  It’s called “the HUB”.  Check out the intro here :


This has been in the cards for a long time.  Honestly, I’ve put it off because it’s a big investment – of time, money, and creativity.  But, fact of the matter is this has been weighing on me. Like one of those creative projects that absolutely must be birthed into the world.  And for whatever reason the universe chose me to birth it.  (I know that sounds SUPER dramatic…but, I really hope you understand what I mean.) 

Now… it’s a podcast.  And I am neither a great speaker nor do I feel like I am the best representative of such a creative and wonderful industry and group of people.  But, I am doing it anyways, and I hope sincerely that you like it.  Or maybe, you can learn a little from it.  But I really hope you can see the heart of the show we are trying to create.  I am truly enamored by the artistry and the talent represented, and I consider it an honor to sit with each of the guests.

The podcast is an interview-format style.  Each new episode I sit down with a different artist, business owner, client, parent, etc who plans events, has a business within the industry, or has themselves recently planned an event.  And I spend the time picking their brain.  We talk about their past.  About what brought them to this point in their lives & careers.  We’ll find out what motivates them, their habits, and what has given them success and what they’ve learned from past failures. 


The purpose of the podcast is threefold : 

We want to HELP your event succeed!

   We want to be a resource to people who are planning events or trying to design/book a photography session.  This is not a scary industry and we are not scary people.  But, when you first open the door to planning wedding, a quinceanera…or even a retirement party or a family reunion…whatever…it can feel overwhelming.  The amount of options that are available, the expenses involved, not knowing what order to do things…it is a lot to take in at once!  And I want to show the listeners that the people in this industry are nice, service oriented, and sincerely want to help.  And to introduce them to the vendors and businesses who are here to guide, mentor and serve…and not to just sell something.  I especially want to invite our listeners to reach out to us and the guests on the podcast without feeling like they have to have their guard up when they call.  I want to show clients that we want THEM to succeed.

We want to INSPIRE your business!

   I absolutely adore artists and entrepreneurs.  I have *SO* much admiration for the people who choose to follow their dreams in ANY capacity, and to set a “practical” life aside to pursue their artistry as a career…man, I love it.  It gets me pumped, and because I am so inspired by these people who are guests on the show, I want to introduce them to the entrepreneurs-to-be out there.  To those on the fence considering a career change – part time or full time – I want you to hear from the people actually making it happen day-in and day-out.  The successes, the failures, the histories and the dreams ahead for each one of them.  This is a great way to learn from the experiences of others.  I hope you find it helpful and inspirational…we’re just getting started – and I can sincerely say that I have found it very inspiring!

We want everyone to CONNECT with each other!

   Life is freakin’ crazy-busy…for all of us!  But, I don’t think I’m speaking out of turn when I say that business owners, in general, are not known for having a lot of time on their hands.  And I know the feeling of having to turn down a networking event, a vendor meeting, or an industry luncheon because of existing client and family responsibilities.  I really, really want this podcast to be an easy way for vendors to learn about each other.  This gives us the time to share our hearts, our goals, our processes, our advice, etc.  And we can learn about different businesses and different contacts by listening to this podcast during our drive to/from daily appointments.  Who knows…you may be working with these people at your next event!  

So that, as they say, is that.  I hope you like it.  There are two episodes up there right now.  One of them is just introducing the podcast but the other is a full-interview, and a good representation for (the start) of what we are trying to do. 

I’d like to offer a *HUGE* shout-out to Jason Scott of The Nicodemus Experiment for so generously allowing me to use clips of his music in the show.  He’s ridiculously creative and talented.  So please, please go check him out, leave him a good review, and show him some love.  Links to his music, twitter and other links are all accessible from his Facebook HERE.

And please feel free to leave us some feedback.  We’re still learning and getting the hang of this, so…be kind 🙂  But, I really want to hear back from you on these things specifically : 

  1. What topics you’d like to hear about
  2. What business, person or group you’d like interviewed
  3. Particular questions or information you think should be asked of each interviewee.

Leave us a comment on this blog, CONTACT US,  EMAIL ME, hit up our FACEBOOK or TWITTER.  Somehow, give us some feedback and let me know what you think.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to listen and to read to the end of this blog.  Until next time ~

Cheers everyone…

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