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  Just a quick note that we released a new episode on the HUB Podcast (yay!) I’m calling this a “Between-Cast” because it’s just me this time!  Don’t worry, I’ll have another interview up and ready for you really soon.  But, I wanted to take a few moments to respond to some of the wonderful feedback about the podcast.  *Almost* all of it was positive and encouraging.  But, it’s new and people were curious about a few things…so I take a few minutes to read their questions then respond.  Hopefully, it’s coherent! 🙂  

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  Thank You for listening!! 

Now PLEASE HELP by getting involved in the conversation!

  Thanks to everyone who is listening.  Please stay in touch, please share the podcast!  I want this to be a community of sharing our resources!  And can I ask you guys a huge favor?  Please, please please…get involved with the conversation!  Jump on our social media : Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!  Take a quick second to post articles, quotes or ideas that you have found work best for you or have gotten you over an obstacle.   Leave comments on the blog!  Leave them for us, or for other readers/listeners.  I hope this continues to be a resource or, at the least, some interesting stories for you during your drive to work.

  As I mentioned on the podcast, I’ll be answering more questions in upcoming Between-Cast episodes.  Some episodes will be geared towards entrepreneurial questions, others towards events, others about photography.  And I will eventually try to address other questions that have been asked about me personally and our company as well.  So, PLEASE keep the questions and the feedback coming!

  If you have the inclination, leave us a review on iTunes!  That helps us get the word out to others that this podcast is available to them.  Have a wonderful and productive weekend everyone!  Until next time ~

Cheers everyone…

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