Hiya everyone!  Kinda cool little gig I get to share with you this morning 🙂  We had the pleasure of being a part of.  A large company in the drug industry (who has asked to remain nameless) hired us for a convention they were hosting in San Antonio’s Henry B Gonzalez Center.  This 5-day convention invited thousands of representatives from other companies as well as nurses who administered their medication.  And we were asked to set-up a headshot station and set-up and photograph their red carpet 🙂  See?  Cool, right?  

It took 18 of us in all to set-up, tear back down, take down everyone’s contact info, provide on-site hair & makeup, photograph 3 stations for 5 days 8-10 hours per day, then edit & email the (over 600) headshots plus red-carpet portraits to each individual within 24-hours, etc, etc.  I am pretty sure it was the largest team we’ve ever had at a single event…and I’m VERY proud to say that our team knocked it out of the park, *ahem*, per usual! 🙂  (Hey, I can brag since it wasn’t me…I spent a little time beforehand organizing the processes & logistics…but everything at the convention was carried out by our team…and I couldn’t be more proud for them!)

I am not able to share images of the set-ups from different companies at the convention, due to legality…but here’s a few fun shots of the lovely men and women who visited the stations we set-up 🙂


…for the nurses to use to update their email signatures, linked-in avatar, social media, etc.


Red Carpet

…for the hosts to give interviews, announce speakers, and for the guests to show some personality in front of the camera 🙂

Aren’t they fun??  This was such a fun loving community!  We *LOVED* being a part of this 🙂

So, thanks a ton to the companies who hosted this (huge) event!  And thank you for choosing Moments & Milestones when you’re in San Antonio.  We are truly honored serve as a part of the team with these great folks.  And thanks to all of the nurses who came by to update their headshot.  It was sincerely great meeting you and hearing your stories 🙂

If you or your company are planning an event in San Antonio and require Planning, Coordinating or Photography services, please take a look HERE for some general pricing & info.  And don’t ever hesitate to EMAIL us, we’ll get back to you immediately.

Feel free to leave thoughts or questions as comments on this blog – we’ll respond right away, I promise.  Until next time ~

Cheers everyone…

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