Hiya, and a VERY Happy Friday everyone!  I hope this week has treated you well…and, if it hasn’t, you are VERY close to the end of it!  Hang in there. 🙂  Also, I’ve got some lovely pictures of a few VERY special ladies to share…maybe this can help brighten your day!  This session was booked by one of our former wedding clients, Amber Sanchez, who got married at Granberry Hills a couple of years back.  She called because she’s pregnant and wanted a few maternity pictures.  So, we booked (yay!)  And then, she called to tell me that a couple of her cousins were ALSO pregnant, in town, and could they jump into this session as well.  So…a group maternity photo session??  Of course!!  That sounds amazing!  And then, she called to tell me that 3 MORE of her cousins (not pregnant) were also in town, and could they jump in for a few pictures.  Abso-freaking-lutely!! 

  So, we ended up shooting Amber and her 5 cousins as a group.  And instead of one, we had THREE young ladies who were pregnant at the session to shoot maternity pictures of.  And these girls never slowed down the whole session – posing, giggling, talking.  It was a blast to shoot, and it was an honor to work with this special family.

  Here are a few of our favs to share.  Hope you love them!!

Group Maternity Photo Session Sneak Peek…

Club at Garden Ridge Group Maternity Photo Session

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Don’t they seem fun? 

And they were headed straight from our session to a group baby shower with lots of family, friends, games and gifts…and plenty of booze for the not-so-pregnant cousins 🙂  So the fun didn’t seem to stop for these girls!  Which is how it should be during such a wonderful and special season of life.  Congratulations to each of you – we wish you health and peace during this time.  And we are truly thankful to have had the chance to celebrate with you – hope you all LOVE these images!  (*spoilers*…I already know they loved the images…she told me 🙂 )  

Thanks to the Club at Garden Ridge for letting us play and photograph our group maternity photo session on your property.  It is a lovely venue for ALL occasions!  And thanks to Amber and her cousins for trusting us with these memories.  And a very special thanks to YOU for checking out another blog post.  Hope these images made you smile 🙂

If you are looking for information on maternity service, please check out THIS PAGE.  We are more than happy to be a resource to any upcoming photo session or event that you have, so don’t ever hesitate to REACH OUT if we can help.  Thanks for visiting today!  Until next time ~

Cheers everyone…

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