Hello Everyone!  We’re very proud to show off a family photography session we shot for the Mejia family.  We wanted to do a couple of different things with 1 session…first, the family needed updated pictures (OMG, kids grow so fast!)  And second, we needed pictures to design a yearbook page for their oldest daughter Laura who is graduating 8th grade!  Being in a k-8th private school, this past year was the only year Laura and her younger sister would be in the same school…so getting pictures of the 2 of them together was very significant. 

The session was centered around Laura, with Mom, Dad and Baby Sis jumping in and out of pictures throughout the shoot.  But the session was designed around our graduate.  She is a quiet young lady…likes to read when she is alone, has a few very close friends, and is VERY excited to graduate middle school!  What an exciting life-transition…do you remember that??  All of the possibilities that come from going to a new school…such an important season!  We are truly honored to have had the opportunity to photography Laura and the whole Mejia family during this time.  Thanks for trusting us in this way.  And here’s the final Yearbook Design…what do you think??

San Antonio Graduation Photography and Yearbook Design

Kinda cool, huh?  We thought so!  And fortunately, so did Laura 🙂  We shot the session at The Pearl district downtown San Antonio.  Here’s a quick sneak peek at the rest of the session – hope you like what you see!!

Aren’t they goooood lookin’??  It’s so important to take advantage of family photo sessions as often as you can.  We all change and grow so quickly – especially the kiddos.  The times in our lives as parents (and the kids lives within our homes) are so special.  This is one of the reasons we started Moments & Milestones in the first place!  To give families an inexpensive option for photos for different occasions.

Anyways, I really hope you dig the pictures.  We had such a great time taking them!  Thanks to the Mejia family for letting us play with them.  And thanks to you for checking out another blog post.  Don’t hesitate to comment with any thoughts or questions…or, just to tell the family how amazingly photogenic they are 🙂  Until next time~

Cheers everyone…

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