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  I am SO SO very excited to be sharing this blog with you today!!  Like, seriously, SO excited.  😊  At Moments & Milestones we have the opportunity to meet so many great people and visit so many beautiful photo and event locations.  Recently, I had the experience of the perfect partnership… an amazingly striking and fun couple, and a venue that is truly a photographer’s playground. 

  Park 31 is an event venue that is located in Spring Branch, Texas.  In advance of the session, we were happy to have had the opportunity to tour the venue and get to know one of their fantastic and helpful staff members, Haley.  Haley was completely a pleasure to connect with and shared all about the amazing options that Park 31 has to offer for any special event (you’re gonna need to go give them a look guys, really!! Learn more HERE), and showed us all of the amazing detail (and WOW is there a lot of incredible detail) and features of this gorgeous venue. 

  As I’m sure you can understand, when our couple, Christina & Brent, said that they wanted to hold their engagement session at this location, we couldn’t have been more thrilled.  On the evening of Christina & Brent’s e-session the weather was… well… it was terrible.  It was during one of those famous South Texas rainfalls that quickly leads to flooding and road closures.  We were a bit worried that we would need to reschedule the session, but Christina & Brent are a busy couple, and they were very excited and committed to keep things moving, so they were troopers and braved the weather, and I’m so glad they did, because the result was totally worth it.

  I personally had not yet had the pleasure of meeting this sweet couple until they walked into the venue that evening (they’d been working with Derek, and he’d been keeping them to himself!).  I arrived at Park 31 a little early to plan out the session, and when the doors opened and Christina & Brent walked in, I went from being *extremely* inspired by the location, to being *even more extremely* inspired to see this free spirited, edgy, sharp looking, and completely fun couple walking in!  This duo is full of style, and have the greatest attitudes and personalities to match.

  Christina & Brent were a photographer’s dream.  They were willing to try every idea that I suggested, jump from one area to the next at the venue, and they took direction as if they model in their spare time!  We had a great time laughing together, experimenting with concepts, and there was no need to “stage” these lovey-dovey looks you’ll see in this session, because these guys are just head over heels in love and made for each other. 

  Thanks so much to the power couple, Christina & Brent, for allowing us to photograph and coordinate this your special season.  It was an honor to capture this session for you! 

  Here are a few of my favorite photos from our session!  I hope you love them as much as I do!  Be sure to leave a few comments for the happy couple!    



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