Hello Internet Strangers and Friends!  How’s the week wrapping up for you?  It’s Thursday as I write this…idk what day it’ll be as you’re reading it 🙂  But, whenever it is – hope you’re doing really well!  I have a fun and really cute session to share with you today.  We shot Courtney and Serena’s Engagement Photos at The Pearl district in downtown San Antonio.  And they brought along their kiddo, Aven, to play and jump into a few of the pictures.  They all turned out so well – I’m really excited to share them with you!  

But first…

I want to announce that the first edition of “The HuB” newsletter went out this week!! 

I hope you got a copy in your email inbox.  The HuB newsletter is meant to be a resource with announcements, photography ideas, event trends, and communication of the goings-on here at Moments & Milestones.  Kinda like our blog…but, in a more compact format.  We really, really want to help, maybe even entertain a little, and we CERTAINLY want to provide creative thoughts about events you may be planning or sessions you’re trying to design.  So, whether you are an event professional (or want to be!), or you are trying to find new inspiration for yourself, please scroll down to the bottom-left side of this page and sign up for the newsletter .  We’ll email once every two weeks.  Seriously, it will make you way cooler…trust me 🙂

K, Back to Courtney & Serena…

  “Why The Pearl?”, you may be asking yourself.  Well, I’ll tell you : their first date AND their proposal was at The Pearl.  So, I think this location was pretty apropos for them.  Plus, they wanted their images to be contemporary, elegant and just a little edgy….which, The Pearl lends itself to nicely.  And, in this bloggers ridiculously humble opinion, I think we pretty much hit it on the nose! 🙂  But, you guys let me know what you think.  Here they are – the charming Courtney & Serena and their son Aven.  Hope you love these!

San Antonio Family and Engagement Photography Session at The Pearl

San Antonio Family and Engagement Photography Session at The Pearl

Aren’t they great?  A little fun, a little romance, some sincere smiles…with just a little stylistic edge to them?  We thought so anyway…and more importantly, Courtney and Serena thought so!  We are so, so thankful to them for choosing Moments & Milestones to work with them and represent their style, their love, and their personalities through photos.  We are so honored.

And thanks to *YOU* for checking out another blog post.  We really hope you dig the pictures.  Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter.  If you have thoughts or questions, leave them for us in the comments or feel free to call/email us any time (CONTACT INFO).  Otherwise…we’ll see you soon!  Until next time ~

Cheers everyone…

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