Hey Folks!  It’s senior session season and I have the chance to share the images from this young man’s photo shoot.  His name is Danny Landez.  He’s 18, well spoken, ridiculously assertive, musically talented, and swinging his elbows to make sure the world is making room big enough for him!  I cannot say enough about how impressed we are with him.  He’s graduating from Churchill High School this year and headed off to MIT after.  We took Danny and his parents out to The Pearl in downtown San Antonio to play.  And turns out, he’s not only brainy and talented, he’s pretty photogenic too! 🙂

  Here are a few highlights from the session.  Hope you love the images!


How about that?  You know, *USUALLY* when we shoot a teenage boy’s photos it takes a few minutes to allow them to relax in front of the camera…but not Danny.  He was smiling and confident from the start.  Such a fun session!

Thanks to the Landez family for allowing us drag them around The Pearl so early on a Saturday morning.  And thanks especially to Danny for letting us be a part of this time in his life.  

Hope everyone enjoyed the pictures.  I’m sure Danny would love it if you left an encouraging comment here, so feel free.  Or, if you have any questions for us – leave those in the comments as well…I promise, we’ll get right back to you.  Until next time ~

Cheers everyone…

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