Heya Gang, I just want to give a shout out to Valerie and Sean for having us out to celebrate with them and photograph their bridal shower at La Cantera Resort and Spa.  This is one of my fav locations to be at – classy, elegant, modern…absolutely breathtaking views of the hill country.  Love it!  

  Valerie called us only a couple of days before her shower.  I figured she’d found us through one of our blogs I’d posted from past gigs at her venue…or found us on the venue’s recommended vendor list…but no.  She found our Yelp reviews.  If I’m being completely honest…I didn’t even know we HAD a Yelp page.  But, it turns out she and Sean had insisted on hiring ONLY a photographer with good Yelp reviews.  (I wish I could say I had this as a strategy all along!! :P)  But I am *SO* very thankful that, whatever path led them to us, they got here!  Because they and their family were absolutely lovely, easy to work with, and ready to smile and have a great time.

Here are just a few of the shots we got from the Bridal Shower…I hope you like them!  And please, please reach out to La Cantera if you are searching for a venue for a similar event – they are absolutely fabulous to work with!!

Valerie's La Cantera Bridal Shower - Beautiful Bridal Shower at La Cantera

Valerie's La Cantera Bridal Shower - Beautiful Bridal Shower at La Cantera

They are so, so sweet.  I am beyond thankful that they chose us to capture their memories!  We don’t get to plan or shoot the wedding because they’re eloping in Mexico (and despite my best efforts to convince them otherwise, they didn’t want to fly me and the team along with them!! 🙂 )  So thank you Valerie and Sean – we wish you MANY years of peace going forward!

And thanks to YOU for checking out this blog post.  If you are looking for more info on our bridal shower packages (or other non-wedding, but wedding-related packages) check THIS OUT.  And please feel free to reach out to us at any time with questions.  You can call or text us (numbers at the top of your screen) or you can IM with us using the tool at the bottom-right on your screen.  We are just stupid-easy to get in touch with…so, no excuses 🙂  Reach out to us with questions or feedback any time!

Have a wonderful day everyone!  Oh, I’ll be releasing another episode of the HUB Podcast this week – so watch out for THAT.  Until next time ~

Cheers everyone…

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