Hello Everyone!  I have exciting news that will COMPLETELY CHANGE YOUR LIFE!  OK…it’s, ummm…not quite that dramatic, but we are offering Boudoir Mini-Sessions at the M&M Studio.  Which is pretty freakin’ cool, if not quite life-changing.  

The excuse – Valentine’s Day is coming up. And having some crazy-beautiful pictures of you to give to your partner would make for a GREAT gift! 🙂   Here’s the scoop: Boudoir Photography Mini-Sessions

For the uninitiated, here are six simple reasons on why boudoir mini-sessions are a good idea for you :

  1. “It is a great reminder of how beautiful you are.”          Holding a session with a caring and talented photographer will not only make you FEEL great about yourself…checking out the final product will give you *quite* the ego boost!
  2. “Boudoir sessions are an experience for *YOU*!”          It’s easy to see this only as a playful gift for your BF/hubby/GF/Wife…but the fact is that the most value from these sessions comes from how you feel about yourself.  These sessions empower you and make you connect to a confidence that no other experience can give you.  It’s not vanity!  Purchase an album of these images and, when you need it, flip through it as a reminder of how special and beautiful you are!
  3. “These Boudoir Mini-Sessions are very affordable.”          This is an investment into you.  And, while we all have budgets we need to adhere to (believe me, we do!), this can be an inexpensive splurge for yourself and your partner.
  4. “You will feel very comfortable during the session.”          One of the most common reasons why people hold off on these sessions, is they are uncomfortable baring themselves in front of the photographer.  Which is a totally legit reason.  I can tell you, however, that your team will consist of females only, and only your photographer and make-up artist will be in the room.  Also, we will NEVER push you past your boundaries regarding poses.  We work very hard to make you feel comfortable, and we will gently guide and pose you to ensure the most flattering & tasteful images.  I assure you that, although I understand some hesitance, you will totally thank yourself for booking this session.
  5. “You can wear what you want to wear…and what you feel most comfortable in.”          I know that sometimes when people picture a boudoir session in their minds, they envision fancy lingerie or nudity.  And *sometimes* that’s the case!  But the term “boudoir” for this purpose should mean : pictures from an experience that makes you feel confident and sexy.  So don’t get hung up on your outfit (or *ahem* a lack of…) Maybe you feel best in an old t-shirt or night gown.  Maybe it’s your favorite outfit that fits you just right!  It’s fun to show off the parts of yourself that you’re most proud of.  And you SHOULD be proud – you’re freakin’ beautiful!  So come as casual or as fancy as you’d like!
  6. “You are in control of your images.”          These are your images.  Unless you give us permission, we will never post them online or use them as marketing material.

To reiterate the info :

When : February 4th and 5th   *UPDATE* and 25th!

Where : Moments & Milestones Portrait Studio, 11230 West Ave, Suite# 1101, SA, TX  78213

How Much :$165 ($85 non-refundable deposit.  The remainder is due on or before the day of the session.)

How Long :1-hour total (30 minutes of professional make-up application from Blush / 30 minute boudoir session)

Product :15 digital images with the copyright release. (We will give you the option to purchase other products, but you are not obligated.)

And that’s the scoop.  So if this sounds like something you’d be interested in, email us for more info or to book your spot!  This event will book up quickly.  Due to time constraints in the studio (that’s code for – we’re booked up 🙂 ), we are only able to open up a limited amount of spots.  So please let us know asap!

Thanks for checking out this blog post.  Hope to hear from you soon! Until next time ~

Cheers everyone…



Here are a couple of our most popular boudoir products we are highlighting & *DISCOUNTING* for the February Mini’s!

PSA : These are *absolutely* necessary additions to your lives  ????

Boudoir Mini-Sessions are Happening at the M&M Studio Standouts1. The Teaser Print – in a rush and need a product quickly?  The Teaser Print is the perfect solution.  It can be ready within a few days after placing the order, and is a great way to let your loved on know that something sexy is coming their way!  

5″ x 7″ print : $20.00


Boudoir Mini-Sessions at the M&M Studio Little Black Book2. Little Black Book – chic, sexy & elegant.  This is the perfect way to immortalize your session and discretely present your images to the one you love.  Packaged in a lovely boutique box.

5″ x 5″ thin-page album – $75    /    5″ x 5″ thick-page album – $95


Thanks for being a part of our mini-sessions.  It truly is an honor to work with you in this way.  Let us know how we can be serving you further!

Cheers everyone…

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