Good Morning!!

How’s everyone??   Coffee kicking in by this time, I hope??  I thought I’d start your morning with a few images from Elizabeth & Chris’ Boerne Firehouse Engagement Session.  Both are active team members with the Boerne Fire Department so what better location to show their unique love and personality than the Boerne Firehouse??  I hope you enjoy the images as Elizabeth and Chris…**Please insert your own “put out the fires of love” joke here…**Elizabeth&Chris-44.jpg Elizabeth&Chris-46.jpg Elizabeth&Chris-49.jpg Elizabeth&Chris-51.jpg Elizabeth&Chris-54.jpg Elizabeth&Chris-56.jpg Elizabeth&Chris-60.jpg Elizabeth&Chris-61.jpg Elizabeth&Chris-63.jpg Elizabeth&Chris-68.jpg Elizabeth&Chris-76-2.jpg Elizabeth&Chris-86.jpg Elizabeth&Chris-90.jpg Elizabeth&Chris-94.jpg Elizabeth&Chris-98.jpg Elizabeth&Chris-9.jpg Elizabeth&Chris-13.jpg Elizabeth&Chris-15-2.jpg Elizabeth&Chris-34.jpg Elizabeth&Chris-32.jpg Elizabeth&Chris-22.jpg

Pretty sweet people.  Thanks Elizabeth and Chris for letting us play with you at your work.  And please feel free to leave the couple an encouraging comment.  Or, if you have any questions for us, you can leave those in the comments as well.  Hope you enjoyed the images!

Cheers everyone…

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