Hey Gang…we had the pleasure of being hired by a wonderful company based out of Haverhille, MA called Embryotech for convention photography at the 2017 ASRM Scientific Congress & Expo held in San Antonio.  This was a really cool connection for me…years ago before we opened Moments & Milestones, I was pursuing another career trying to act like I could be a big-business sales guy (with tattoos and an eyebrow ring trying to relate to engineers in their 50’s and 60’s…turns out that wasn’t for me…but I didn’t know that then!)  My first sales territory was the NE of the United States.  And I called on companies much like Embryotech – I love the area and I love the culture/personalities the businesses have there.  Anyways, as I write this out, it feels like a strange thing to get nostalgic about, but I connected with Sarah (from Embryotech) and her team immediately.  They were sincerely great people to work with!

Embryotech Labs produces the medical devices that test for toxicology during the IVF process.  It’s a niche that many of us don’t think about, but for those that require their products, it’s a matter of the life/death of a dream.  I don’t pretend to know the science, or even to be able to pronounce most of the big words they use when speaking about their products and processes, but I know that their work impacts families in a huge way.  And I’m thankful that they chose us to represent them for the convention this year at the Henry B Gonzalez Center.  The ASRM (American Society for Reproductive Medicine) Expo brings together the leading companies in this industry to discuss the latest in reproductive care and advance research.  So basically, I had the absolute lowest IQ in the room (…again).  🙂  But, we took a bunch of great pictures and met some wonderful people.  Our job was to stay at the Embryotech booth and take head shots of people who visited the booth, and we watched for the folks to won awards and photographed them as well.  When things slowed, we took pics of the booths and the “goings on”. 

I can’t display many of the images from the 2 days we were there because they have certain company’s logos and I make it a point to *NOT* get sued.  (#lifegoals) But, here are a few of the images we took.  Hope you dig them.

San Antonio Convention Photography ASRM Expo Henry B Gonzalez Center

San Antonio Convention Photography ASRM Expo Henry B Gonzalez Center

If you are interested in what Moments & Milestones can do for your company, event or convention, please check out THIS PAGE with some price & information.  And don’t ever hesitate to CONTACT US at any time.  We’re happy to help or point you in a direction of someone who can.  We have a great time planning & photographing any and all of the events our clients trust us with – it would be an honor to hear from you.

Thanks so much to Embryotech for choosing us to work with them.  And a big thanks so *YOU* for checking out this blog.  Please feel free to reach out with thoughts or questions.  Or leave us a comment on the blog below – I promise we’ll get back to you right away.  Until next time ~

Cheers everyone…

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