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Winter Mini-Sessions Sneak Peeks

Posted on by Derek Wyatt
Winter Mini-Sessions Sneak Peek San Antonio Moments & Milestones Studio Photography Monthly Minis

Winter Mini-Sessions Sneak Peeks

Hi Everyone!!  Hope your new year is going well, and your resolutions haven’t been shrugged off yet (…it’s only the 6th guys…c’mon – keep it going!)  I wanted to share a couple images from just a few of our most recent Winter Mini-Sessions from December.  I just want to show it off a bit because…we’re going to extend the Winter/Snow theme into January!  

  We thought we’d try something new – The Winter/Snow theme was a hit so we’re going to KEEP offering it throughout January and offer Valentine Mini-Sessions at the same time.  So, you can book one or the other! 🙂  We can’t do both set-ups in the same session…sorry (I’d be happy to…but we can’t turn over the backdrop & set-up quick enough!)  But, choose whichever theme works for you and book soon!!  Because…OMG seriously, look how cute these are 🙂



That’s what I thought!   So, CONTACT US if you’d like more info on the mini-sessions.  Or take a peek at the EVENTS CALENDAR.  We’d love to have you in and photograph your sweet kiddo(s)!  

Thanks a ton for checking out this blog post and, hopefully, scrolling through the rest of the blog.  I hope you find lots of pretty pictures, inspirational ideas and some good information on planning your event/photo session.  If we can ever be of any service to you, or if you would like to ask some questions, please reach out to us or just leave a comment on this blog post…I promise, we’ll get back to you right away!

Oh, and thank you to everyone who participated in our Winter mini-sessions last month!  We’re SUPER honored to have served you all…hope you love the pictures, and I’m sorry I couldn’t get everyone’s sneak peek into this blog post 🙂  Until next time ~

Cheers everyone…

Derek Wyatt

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