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Wedding Planning

Ahhh…The “wedding season”. It’s one of the most beautiful seasons in life. It is a season filled with love, life, and celebration. It is truly magical.
But we know very well…It is also a season filled with…STRESS.

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Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning

From simple to extravagant, we specialize in creating spectacularly innovative celebrations that are more fun, less stress, and custom-tailored to YOUR personal desires.  Everyone can use a little help now and then.  And our coordinating team is absolutely committed to taking your stress on to their shoulders so that you get to focus on all of the mushy, gushy, pretty parts.



Take the Stress Off Your Shoulders

In our company it is a standard that our team members have a “heart to serve.”  We truly LOVE our couples, and we do our best to shield you, your bridal party, your family, and your guests from having to deal with the unavoidable mishaps and stresses that come with planning a special event.

Let us be your…

  • Detail-Organizers,
  • Budget-Sticklers,
  • Time-Managers,
  • Priority-Setters,
  • Conflict-Buffers,
  • Crisis-Averters,
  • Vendor-Wranglers,
  • and all around Sanity-Savers!

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Our thoughts on a couple of common questions –

What exactly does a Wedding Planner/Coordinator do??

We use our artistry and experience in order to organize your timeline, design & set-up, logistics, communication, budget, vendor team, and details for your event.  We are the Project Managers that make sure everyone does their job, on time and under budget.  We are the points of contact for all key players, we keep all lines of communication open, and we research & advise our clients so that the absolute best decisions can be made leading up to the event.  We are your advocate at all times.

On your rehearsal and wedding day, we make sure that each vendor and family member are where they should be, when they should be, doing what they are supposed to be doing…and we confidently handle questions and issues as we go.  When you hire a good coordinator, by the end of your wedding night you’ll be wondering why brides complain that planning a wedding is such hard work!!

Isn’t a Wedding Planner kind of a luxury purchase??

Planning and Coordination are services.  They are services that bring peace and order to an event that can often feel overwhelming.  But on top of that, a competent and connected coordinator will almost always SAVE you money because we have developed access to resources that you won’t have, and through our experience, we will help you avoid mistakes that will cost you in the long run.

Having said that, these services are only a blessing when you have the budget to accommodate them.  We are very aware that it won’t alleviate stress if our services overextend your budget.  Please CONTACT US to discuss your needs and find out what services we have that may be a good fit for you.  It is our heart to always add value to you during this time.

Why would I hire Moments & Milestones vs. Those Other Guys??

Weddings and events have been our core business for over 10 years.  And through those years we’ve developed a network of amazing partners and a foundation of core processes for how an event should be organized and executed.  And, of course our heart and our strength is in our team.  You won’t have to rely on the talents of one individual and hope that they are a master in all areas.  Our team provides passion and expertise in every area – so that you feel secure knowing that each detail is handled to a level of excellence that no 1 person could provide.  (Plus we’re all crazy-fun to work with…so there’s that too!!)




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