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The engagement, the ring, the dress, the flowers, the décor, the joy, the laughter, the friends, the family, the FUN… it’s such a deeply personal journey. From the very beginning of this journey, a story is being told…

Your Story.

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JW Marriott Engagement Photography


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at Moments & Milestones is that great photos are not enough. We want to tell your story in a way that will allow you to re-live those special moments over and over again, and truly connect to the emotions you felt at that time. Our unique approach to photography is centered around the belief that *relationship* is key.

If we don’t *know* you, how can we truly represent you?

The Process

From the moment you decide to become a Moments & Milestones’ bride and groom, we begin working on getting to know you, and helping you to clearly articulate your vision. From there, our amazing team begins to brainstorm behind the scenes with YOU in mind. Planning, preparing, and creating ideas together, so that we can bring your vision to life.

First : Relate

Our relationship team begins to reach out at the very beginning to start a connection with you.  Their goal is to make you feel totally secure.  We want you to feel listened to and loved on from day one.  We want to have stimulated conversations and ideas flowing between us all.  We need you to be inspired to raise your expectations and get the MOST out of every moment in front of the camera!  We have to figure out how to get IN YOUR HEAD in order for us to truly represent you.  And to do that, we need a connection to the source – YOU!  And the more connected we are to you and your vision, and the more comfortable you are with us, the easier it is for us to inspire images that are TOTALLY. YOU.

And Then : Design

As our relationship deepens, we begin to build your custom Mood Board.  This is a design tool that develops as we learn more about you. It’s filled with pictures, quotes, stories, details, colors, and images that INSPIRE us about you!  This is really exciting, because it gives you the freedom to GUIDE us – we want you to have as much control and input as you feel comfortable giving.  And we have a lot of convenient, and easy ways to share ideas with us – no matter your schedule or communication style.
**Please know that we never want you to feel like you are getting  “NORMAL”.
“Normal” – is to tell you how you can fit into our “box” of standard images, poses and procedures. We here at Moments & Milestones do not have any boxes (we’ve looked!).  This is a custom experience, it’s different every time (that’s what makes it so FUN!!) and our DESIGN step is in place to make sure that all of the “Complexities Of You” are respected and taken into consideration!

And Finally : Create

The day has arrived. This is game day! And see the cool thing is – because we did the first two steps, this is the easiest-breasiest day for you and your family that you could imagine! This is FUN!  We’ve already planned a fun, fresh style for you that RUNS THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION from “normal wedding photos” that look and feel like everyone else’s!
We’ve planned, we’ve brainstormed, we’ve designed, we’ve connected all of your team, everyone is working in flow and we’re all going one-direction – towards the day you’ve dreamed about FOR SO LONG!!  It is going to be awesome!
Here’s the key – when ALL of the details are taken into consideration BEFOREHAND, when the relationship and the trust is built BEFOREHAND, when the planning is done and potential issues are worked out BEFOREHAND…then your wedding can be even more memorable than you could have ever imagined.

We know it’s completely different.  But what we do… it just works!

Every Moments & Milestones wedding photography package includes 2 photographers and a photography consultant.

Ummm…What the heck is a photography consultant??

I’m glad you asked!! This is a service position that is unique to our company.  This member of your team will be a part of every session you book as well as your wedding day. Photography consultants handle the relationship and the communication while you’re in front of the camera, so that the photographers can get lost in their creativity. It’s a consultant’s job to make you FEEL GOOD! When you feel good and you’re having fun – you take great pictures!! Listen, we know very well that it *always* starts out feeling a little weird to be in front of the camera, and it takes a few minutes to shake those camera jitters.  So your consultant will be there to fuss over you, help you relax, watch that your clothes & hair are in place, and inject some energy and conversation when it’s needed.

We aren’t just going to create great images, we’re going to create a great experience!


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