About Us

It’s a little embarrassing to talk about ourselves…maybe we can let our clients tell you what THEY think about us.

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About Us

“They always put us first”


“Genuine, creative, thoughtful”


“They’re all about communication and making sure they understand your vision”


“I don’t think there are enough words to express how AMAZING this team is!”



“Their whole vibe is very cool”


“They always seem like they’re having a good time”


“Organized, creative & responsive”


“They made me feel beautiful”


man taking a photo

This is YOUR vision. YOUR story. YOUR journey. YOUR day. Get the picture?

We believe that we can’t truly represent you, until we truly *know* you.

team members

Who We Are

M&M Team (55)

Moments & Milestones is made up of a small, tight-knit team of people, each dedicated to their part in making every experience with us absolutely flawless. Whether with your family, your wedding, your party or your corporate event, we want you to feel so secure that your vision is entrusted to the Best-of-the-Best.

In our experience, your Planner and your Photographer are 2 of the most intimate and vital team members in the success of your grand occasion. We feel that it is important to have them both working together in tandem from day one. I promise, you won’t find this level of passion, service or excellence anywhere else. We sincerely live to see you smile…and we are completely confident that you will.

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Company History

Moments & Milestones opened in March 2007.  Aimee has said from day one that the heart of the company was to “Work Hard and Love People.”  We think that what we do matters.  And we hope that by creating great experiences and memories at our sessions and events, we are helping to invest into the future success of our client’s lives.

Today, Moments & Milestones has helped serve thousands of clients and our vision for the company has expanded beyond our initial imagination.  Currently our team assists local Event Industry Boards & Organizations, we provide training for artists looking to raise their own photography or planning craft, and we initiate and execute local charity events.  We are completely humbled to have these opportunities.  We STILL think that what we do matters.  And we will continue to strive for growth and excellence in all that we do, in order for our service to be as effective and influential as possible.

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The Founders

We do this to inspire. We push our team, our partners and even our clients to think bigger…to think differently…to expect more. We do this because we are inspired – by people, by vision, by emotion…by YOU.”

~ Derek & Aimee